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My Very Own Name Story Book - Free Shipping This Month. Use Code HOLIDAY

A children's personalized photo story book will make a unique gift for any child. Each of the iSeeme story books for children has a personalized story with your child's name throughout the book.

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Personalized Story Book

Everyone's talking about these wonderful story books. Hear what celebrities Tiffany Thiessen, Beverley Mitchell, Rachel Zoe, Courtney Cox and others are saying about iseeme personalized children's books on the product page.

  My Very Own Name Storybook
My Very Own Name

Princess Fairy Tales
Personalized Story Book for a Boy

A personalized children's story book can make a fantastic gift for a child or baby for a party, a holiday Christmas gift or a new birthday. They are proven to help bring your child even further into the story and learn letters and improve reading skills. personalized birthday story books 

God Loves You! Personalized Book

The God Loves You! story book tells your child just how much God loves them... and that they are God's special creations! It's printed with your child's name on the cover and throughout the text. God Loves You! features beautiful poetry and colorful, whimsical illustrations. The book is perfect for the birth of a baby, baptism, naming ceremony, first communion, Easter, Passover or everyday occasion. It makes a perfect gift for children of the Christian, Jewish or Muslim faith. Save 15% off the God Loves You! Today.  $29.95 limited time offer.

  Personalized children's book tells your child just how much God loves them


Personalized Books for Kids

My Very Happy Birthday - In this charming birthday storybook, Turtle, Duck, Mouse, Bluebird and others come together to put on a very happy birthday party for your child. The board book pages are designed for busy babies, toddlers and preschoolers, as the unique collage style of illustration, bright colors and adorable animal characters to bring the story to life.

Happy Birthday Books for boys
Personalized Story Book
My Very Happy Birthday Book for boys -
only $29.95!
My Very Happy Birthday for girls
Personalized story Book - My Very Happy Birthday Book for girls
 My Very Happy Birthday Book for girls -
only $29.95!

       Children's Fairy Tales - My Royal Birthday Adventure

Personalized Story Book for Boys A storybook that turns your boy into a royal  knight! This beautifully illustrated book takes your boy on an adventure to a magical kingdom where he is dubbed a royal knight! The storybook has their name throughout the text and illustrations, including a 10-tier birthday cake, fireworks in the sky, a royal knight’s quarters, a birthday invitation and more! Written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Valerie Sokolova, each 10”x10” hardcover book is made in the USA. $34.99

My Royal Birthday Adventure for boys
only $34.95!
Personalized Story Book for Girls This adventure will turn your girl into a royal birthday princess! This beautifully illustrated book takes your little girl on an adventure to a magical  kingdom, where she is crowned princess. The storybook has their name throughout the text and illustrations, including a 10-tier birthday cake, fireworks in the sky, roses in the gardens, a grand princess bedroom, a parchment birthday invitation and more! Written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Valerie Sokolova, each 10”x10” hardcover book is made in the USA.  $34.99

My Royal Birthday Adventure for girls
only $34.95!

The Super, Incredible Big Brother and The Super, Incredible Big Sister are written by award-winning children's author Jennifer Dewing and feature vibrant and fun illustrations by artist Jill McDonald. The books make big brothers and big sisters feel special, telling them they are "great helpers" and that the new baby of the family will be their "life-long best friend."

Like all I See Me! books, these titles are personalized with the child's first and last name and includes a dedication to the child from the sender. The Super, Incredible Big Brother and The Super, Incredible Big Sister (award medal included) and are available online NOW!  $34.95

  Who Loves Me?

It is often said there is no better gift you can give a child than love. Now I See Me! Inc. offers the perfect way to welcome new babies and introduce them to those most dear in their life, through its latest high-quality personalized baby book, Who Loves Me?

Written in melodious rhyme, with colorful, whimsical illustrations, Who Loves Me? builds self-esteem while engaging your child through age 5 into the storyline. This baby book names family members or friends who love the child, and encourages the child to reach to the sky when asked "how much" each one of them loves him or her. Author Jennifer Dewing reassures the child they are loved "so much" by each, with unique and touching rhymes describing the depth of each individual's love. For example, for a child named Emily the book begins, "Who loves Emily? Mommy loves Emily! How much? So much! More than the mountains, more than the streams, more than her little happiest dreams."

With a sturdy 8.5" x 8.5" hard cover and 20 tear-free pages, Who Loves Me? is designed to be read over and over again. Award-winning illustrator, Maria Caruluccio, draws the child into each page with colorful, hand-illustrated nature scenes. Only $29.95

     Personalized Stories for Kids & Babies

My Very Own Name Personalized Story Book

Are beautifully illustrated personalized stories for kids or personalized stories for babies, that helps them learn to recognize letters and spell their names. In this 8 1/2" x 11" hardcover, professionally bound book, animals bring letters one by one to create the child's first and last names in rhyme. A jackal brings a J, an ostrich brings an O, and so on. At the end, the animals celebrate because they've created the perfect name. Take our virtual children's books online tour of my very own fairy tale and read what customers are saying about our childrens storybook and the amazing results they achieve in helping a child learn and read faster.

As an added personal touch, this award-winning book includes the child's birth date, a printed dedication from the sender, and an illustrated encyclopedia of 61 animals. This personalized storybook is Now Only $34.95   Take a Virtual Tour

Our personalized story books for children and babies have a maximum 15 characters for the first name, 15 characters for the middle name, and another 15 characters for the last name.

3-Week Standard domestic shipping is FREE on orders of 5 books or more to a single address.   Order a Personalized Story Book

a few customer reviews......

"I read about this website in an article in People magazine and it sparked my interest. I went to the website and ordered my first book. I just received my son's personalized baby story book today and it is absolutely gorgeous! Now I am totally recommending these books to everyone I know! Regardless of age, these books are perfect for all children. What a beautiful gift for a new baby. Thank you for your interest in our children."  NY

"This is the third I See Me! book I've purchased since the beginning of the year. The first two baby books I purchased were for friends, and the third was for my own newborn. My friends and I all love them. In addition to encouraging reading, they make a wonderfully gift that can be kept as a keepsake." AL

"What an awesome value. This book teaches so much: the child's name, animals, colors, spelling, and that the book is about the child--how much better can it be for a great price, and quick delivery? This was my favorite gift when my son was born and I have given this book 3 times already now!"  MA

"I have never been so happy with a gift. My 4 month old daughter was given your book as a present and we both love it. She has so much fun looking at the vivid artwork and listening to her name. I'm not sure who enjoys it more, her or I. As she grows older she will be as enthralled with it as I am. This is a real keepsake!" 

"My Very Own Name is one of the best children's gifts around. I received one of these children's books when my daughter was born and I thought it was the most unique and wonderful gift she received. Later, it helps them learn to spell their name. I hugely recommend learning tools to everyone."
New York, NY

"Could not be more pleased with the book! Absolutely adorable--a real keepsake to be cherished for years!! Top quality book with vivid illustrations! Will recommend this to others!"
Asheboro, NC

"These are the most fantastic children's books I have ever seen!!! I received one for a gift for my son, and ordered 7 more the same day for friends and relatives!! Denver, CO

At iseeme we make story books that help to improve your any child's reading skills. Your child's birth date, a printed dedication from the sender, and an illustrated encyclopedia of 61 animals. Build reading and learning skills while playing with these unique stories. Copyright owned by I See Me! Inc. Published by I See Me! Inc. newletter    SIGN-UP GMR-MAIL AND GET:
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