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Roses and Lilies Are always a favorite choice.

Would you like to know?

Early Flower History

Flowers have been fascinating people since before written history.

Flowers make appearances all through history in ancient legends, mythology, and religion. Kingdoms and royalty have used flowers as their symbols and mascots. Flowers have even been used as currency in the past.
Ancient Greeks consecrated flowers to the gods and bestowed them to esteemed and deserving people. The Romans believed the rose was sacred to Venus, the goddess of love. Many ancient cultures believed that by burning asters the odor would ward off snakes. Aztecs used dahlias as a treatment for epilepsy.

Egyptians inscribed the meaning of flowers and their symbolism into hieroglyphics. Cleopatra filled a room of her palace two feet deep with millions of rose petals when her love Marc Anthony came.

In China, flowers like the chrysanthemum were being grown and cultivated for over three thousand years.

During the 11th century the Iris became the symbol of France.

Later Flower History

In the Netherlands tulips were hybrid and became sought after as a trading product. The tulip bulb became a currency in the country during the 1600's and was even quoted on their stock market.

During the 1800's a "Language of Flowers" was brought to European countries after originating in Turkey. The concept of the language was simple, each flower has a specific meaning for the intended recipient.

Dozens of books and dictionaries were published on florigraphy with pictures of flowers and the meaning behind them. The main problem was the disparity between all of the books; many contradicted the meanings stated in other ones.

This added an allure instead of creating a hang-up, a person needed to interpret what the giver was trying to say. Many flowers have held onto their meaning and still represent a specific thought or feeling. newletter    SIGN-UP GMR-MAIL AND GET:
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