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The Club Penguin online community is built on a foundation of trust, responsibility and stewardship. Play today. Available in most languages.

Club Penguin Party Online video games

Join Our biggest in-game event of 2016 Now!

Club Penguin Fun for the whole family!

Club Penguin's Inside Out Party

Come one, come all! When pirate captain Rockhopper washed up on Club Penguin's shore without his most precious memories, his Club Penguin friends must band together to help him! Using one of Gary the Gadget Guy's machines, players can dive into Rockhopper's mind, and then quest to collect his scattered memories. With the guidance of Rockhopper's five core emotions, players will return the memories to Headquarters and discover the truth of how he lost them - and a few things they may not have known about Club Penguin's infamous pirate. Everyone can earn prizes, and members can get Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness Costumes, plus two very special transformations inspired by Disney-Pixar's Inside Out movie! Join the party - Play Club Penguin Today!!

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Join the fun of our Temple of Fruit Adventure Party. Along with fruit, our famous Penguin, Captain Rockhopper, has brought a cursed volcano to the Island of Club Penguin. Players will attempt to feed the volcano fruit to appease it. During the second week of the party, the efforts to defeat the volcano may be rewarded with the launch of a new game, Smoothie Smash.

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