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Environmentally friendly lawn and garden tools, garden watering solutions, and landscaping including hedge clippers, composters, planters, planting seed, assorted plant seed and hand trowels, hedge trimmers and much more.

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Whether you are a pro or a beginner, we'll give you the basics of starting and caring for your  garden from learning the different types garden seed, types of soil to harvesting your newly grown flowers, vegetables, tomatoes or food products. As an active home gardener, we'll help with step by step instructions in creating a beautiful garden and what to expect in dealing with pests and problems in your garden areas..


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Our Gardening Essentials Department:
View helpful tips of information needed to create, maintain, and cultivate a variety of different types and styles of home gardens. Learn about delicious fruits and vegetables for your vegetable gardening, the advantages of greenhouses, soil conditions, fertilizers and hand tools for avid gardeners. Or you may need some help in  gardening situations where plants will not grow because of too much shade, alkaline soil, or other undesirable conditions. Gardening tips

Pre-Planned Indoor Garden KITCHEN GARDEN PLANNER

Grow your own fresh, organic food in a raised bed garden. Our planting maps make it easy to have fun and be Successful!!

*** Salad Bar Garden
*** Cook’s Choice Garden
*** All American Garden
*** High Yield Garden
*** Plant It & Forget It
*** Salsa & Tomato Sauce Garden
*** NEW Kids’ Garden
*** NEW Herb Garden

  Deep-Root Seed Starting System
Deep-Root Seed Starting System
Deep-Root Seed Starting System

Professional Self-Watering Seed starting System Grows Bigger Roots, Healthier Plants

Deep growing cells result in more root mass — the secret to vigorous seedlings that thrive when transplanted
Heavy-duty system can be used again and again
Includes a base, 7-1/2" H growing dome with adjustable vents, and a 15-cell reusable growing tray
Developed in Europe for use in horticultural laboratories, this unique propagation system is proven to grow healthier, more shock-resistant seedlings. The 3-1/2" tapered cells are 50% deeper than similar seed starters. Capillary mat and a water reservoir ensure your seedlings get the right amount of moisture.  $39.95

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Garden Plant Starter
Garden Plant Starter

Garden Starter System - Why do skilled gardeners like to grow their vegetables from seed? The incredible selection, for one thing.  Seeds are inexpensive, and home-tended seedlings are often healthier than store-bought ones. What gardeners enjoy most is the satisfaction of tending a garden from the first tiny seedling to delicious harvest.

Our Garden Plant Starter System was designed for simplicity, so that even beginning gardeners will be successful. It grows twelve large seedlings at a time — enough to start a plentiful kitchen garden. The large 4" x 4" APS growing cells hold plants until they are mature enough to go into the garden, so you avoid the effort (and the stress on the plant) of transplanting into a larger pot. Our one-gallon self-watering tray pampers seedlings with the right amount of moisture automatically, eliminating over- and under-watering that stresses plants. Seedlings will thrive in the glow of the energy-efficient, full spectrum T-5 Grow Light, so bright that plants can’t tell it from sunlight.


Building and maintaining a compost pile is the surest, easiest way to become a better gardener. Not only will you be producing the best possible food for your garden, but by watching leaves, eggshells, orange rinds, and grass clippings become transformed into rich compost filled... more..

APS Starter Kit - For the best garden tools, here's everything you need to get started growing your own plants from seed. With our Accelerated Propagation System Kit, you're guaranteed a garden to be proud of.

Starter plant kit includes:
 -- Two self-watering APS-24 seed starters
 -- Two "greenhouse covers" for faster germination
 -- 9 quarts of Germinating Mix
 -- 24 wooden seedling markers
 -- Two water-level indicators
 -- 2.5 oz of Plant Health Care for Seedlings fertilizer
 -- View all of our APS Sizes -- starting at $24.95

"I started getting APS systems when you first carried them. Now I use nothing else to start my seedlings. Close to 100% germination -- and no mess!" Kay, North Mankato MN
Kitchen Scap Bin
Garden tools equipment - Kitchen Scrap Composter - Can't accommodate an outdoor compost bin? This self-contained, electric-powered Nature Mill composter makes it easy to "do the right thing" for the environment right in your mudroom, garage or out on your deck. Simply put food scraps directly into the top chamber. You can add fruit, vegetables, egg shells, dairy, meat, coffee grounds, grains and more. Composting culture work right away to break down your food waste with heat and aeration, dropping into the chamber below within two weeks. Your compost is ready to remove and use. For best results, sprinkle food scraps with a handful of carbon-rich material such as peat or coir. 
Composters Compost bag Biobag™ (100 bags)

 - These compost pail liners do away with the messiest job in the kitchen: cleaning out the compost pail. No more scrubbing, no more odor, no need to carry the pail out to the compost pile. And best of all, our bags are made of 100% biodegradable cornstarch, so you can toss the whole thing into your compost bin.
 -- Roll of 100 bags
 -- Compostable bags make clean-up easy
 -- Earth-friendly, 100% biodegradable

Gardening & Landscaping

Plant Health Care for Seedlings/Houseplants 8 Oz

Start your seedlings off right, with a healthy diet of Plant Health Care. This balanced formula contains a 6-12-6 fertilizer, plus humus, amino acids, and vitamins to make seedlings stocky and disease.

"I need some more of the Plant Health Care. I ordered some in February and I tell you, my African Violets have never looked better!"

Garden Tools Equipment

gardening tools
Deluxe Tractor Scoot -

Our back-saving Tractor Scoot lets you work from a seated position virtually anywhere in your yard or garden. Thanks to your input, we’ve made this customer favorite even more comfortable and easier to use. First, we added a longer handle so you can pull the Scoot behind you like a wagon. When retracted, the handle now serves as a sturdy handhold. We also lowered the swiveling, tractor-style seat by 3-1/2" to give you better access when planting and harvesting. It now adjusts from 16" to 19" high, to suit you and the task at hand. Hefty, pneumatic tires still ensure a smooth, stable ride. We offer quality garden tools.

-- Go easy on your back and knees
-- Accessory tray and basket mount easily under and behind the seat; great to hold tools, seeds and gloves
-- Pneumatic tires roll smoothly for a stable ride
-- Seat swivels a full 360 degrees and is height adjustable Special: $89.95

Garden Supplies
Wellington-style rain boots
Rain Boots
Wellington-style Rain Boots
It's a fact that gardeners sometimes work in the rain, but you'll splash around cheerfully in our fun Wellington-style rain boots. A cut above ordinary rain boots, they have a tough natural rubber outer, quick-drying fabric liner, removable insole and deep-lugged soles for traction on slippery surfaces. They're approximately 10-1/2" high, a comfortable 2-3" below the knee on most people. Fun footwear for stormy weather 100% waterproof with great traction Choose from women's whole sizes 6-11 (open the menu to see the sizes currently available) Natural rubber with polyester fabric lining Approximately 10-1/2" high Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Quality Garden Tools
Portable Potting Tray

When it’s time to pot up seedlings or transplant houseplants, this 100% recycled plastic tray makes cleanup easy. It features a deep basin to contain soil and water as you work, and a cutaway front for easy access. There’s an upper shelf for tools and pots, and integral handles for moving it around.

 -- Perfect for mixing soils, filling seedling trays, repotting and transplanting
 -- Lightweight and portable
 -- Deeper than most — 6" — to contain the mess

Garden Gloves

These best lawn and garden tools a gardener can have are our garden gloves made with washable leather, 4-way stretch spandex, elastic debris cuffs, and reinforced fingers with grip dots. These gloves provide durable, comfortable hand protection for all of your yard and garden tasks.

 -- Garden gloves with a fine fit and comfortable stretch
 -- Choice of Berry, Apricot or Slate
 -- Unisex sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

Gardening Tools & Landscaping Know all about gardening - How to Grow Plants, Plant Problems, Garden Design Ideas, Advice &  Information on Gardening. We'll give you tips on how to grow plants, start a garden or find supplies. We offer a selection of innovative, Earth-friendly gardening tools & equipment, supplies with gardening advice from seed starting to compost. View the many gardening tools & landscaping accents and garden decor we offer.

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