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With Gardeners Supply and help preserve our planet. Hi Gardeners - one site for all your garden needs: gardening tools, planters, planting seed such as assorted flower seed, zinnia, all types of vegetables like tomatoes, salad greens too organic potatoes. Gardening bed liners to lighting.  

Let's keep your home and Garden looking beautiful for your summer season. It's Harvest time at Gardener's Outlet!  
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APS-24 Plant Seed Our APS-24 Plant Seed Starting Units Ensure Success

This all-in-one garden seed starting planting unit ensures quick germination and a steady supply of water for seedlings. Just keep the reservoir filled and the soil will remain perfectly moist.

The larger 2" x 2" cells of this APS-24 are best suited for starting flowers and vegetables that are more difficult to transplant or if you have larger seeds. Includes APS Pegboard, APS 24 Planting Tray, APS Water Reservoir, APS Capillary Mat and APS Greenhouse Cover.  Special on Garden Seeding. more info...

Our prices have never been lower! .... So this is the best time to stock up on your gardening tools and garden supplies. It's time to clean-up the yard and garden. From leaf shredders and burlap wraps to garage organization - Our Gardener's Supply has smart tools and timesaving solutions to help homeowners this season. Browse our Gardener's for this seasons summer sale savings.


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Garden Cattail Feeder

Globe Cage Feeder
The openings on this stylish feeder are just the right size for finches, nuthatches and other small birds, but keep out jays and other feeder bullies. The latching top stays firmly in place to help keep burglar squirrels out of your birdseed. Our Globe Cage Feeder is especially effective against gray squirrels. Creates a safe place for small birds to feed Holds 1-1/2 lbs. of sunflower seeds Sturdy and squirrel-resistant Ready to fill and hang Drainage holes at the bottom to keep seeds dry and fresh 11-3/4" diameter black steel globe cage Top opens with a twist Built-in hanging loop. Exclusive Item

Patio Grow House
Patio Grow House

Patio Grow House
You don't need a big greenhouse to start seedlings or harden-off transplants in the spring. Our Patio Grow House has a trim 36" x 18" footprint, so it can fit in any sunny space, yet it provides almost 13 square feet of growing area on three shelves. Like larger, pricier models, it has double-walled polycarbonate glazing to capture and hold the sun's heat & there's even glazing on the back. On warm spring days, the gull-wing roof panels and double doors open to prevent overheating. Grow House has a handsome wood frame (treated with eco-friendly preservatives) to go with your patio furniture. It's a lot of greenhouse at a surprisingly affordable price. Attractive place to start seeds and harden off plants Sturdy, weather resistant materials Add up to three watertight Grow House Tray, sold separately ACQ-treated Chinese fir with polycarbonate panels 36" W x 18" D x 53" H overall 49-3/4" H at sides. Exclusive Item

Decorative Accents

Chinese Lantern LED Lights  Iridescent Mosaic Lantern
  Chinese Lantern LED Lights          Iridescent Mosaic Lantern

Spring is around the corner. We have plenty of raised growing beds in stock in all shapes and sizes for both indoor and outdoor planting. Raised Garden Beds!
      Raised Garden Beds  Raised Garden Beds  Outdoor Raised Garden Beds

Gardener's Supply has designed and introduced dozens of innovative, exclusive gardening products including self-watering planters, a complete line of flower supports, composters, grow lights, professional growing mediums and organic fertilizers, trees, fruit trees.


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