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Our Company is one of the Internet's pioneers for delivering e-commerce shopping of products and services. is a network of name brand companies that makes you a smarter consumer by unlocking the boundless potential of the Internet. We give you the most immediate and intelligent access to Internet retail and wholesale resources, empowering you with the knowledge you need to be a more educated consumer!

Since our inception in 1995, has taken a deliberate course of action to provide Web enthusiasts with a broad range of Internet services and, through Internet technology, we have succeeded in delivering relevant and useful information. Today, delivers the ultimate Internet experience with the integration of our affiliate partners, offering a broader range of highly distinctive content and services to our users.


Our Services                                                         

Globalmr is committed to delivering the best products and services to our key users, by integrating content and functionality from both within the Globalmr Network and through external partners. Our primary focus is serving our users with a shopping experience with millions of products, entertainment, comparative shopping by products and value, whether it's online or offline at a store in your neighborhood. Capitalizing on our broad and distinctive offerings of innovative features and services, Globalmr delivers the ultimate Internet shopping experience.

Our Approach                                                      

Globalmr's unique approach was to keep shopping and supplying information simple. To continually build upon a proven foundation of technology leadership and results orientation. The company's main promise was to offer unmatched products and services to the Web community through the integration of internally developed offerings, solid affiliate relationships and consumer satisfaction. Through our expertise in sales and marketing, we have created a global connection of Web destinations to give users the best in relevant local and international content and resources, combined with the Web's most powerful features and functions.

           Revised and effective as of July 6
, 2017

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