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Order online your Organic Tomato Planting Kit Today. All in one tomato growing kit to grow healthier, tastier tomatoes. Includes self watering planter, soil, tomato cage, red mulch, tomato fertilizer.

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Organic Tomato Planting

Planting season is in full swing with our Kitchen Garden Planner and Organic Tomato Planting Kit! With our Kitchen Garden Planner, we're giving our customers our guides on our kitchen garden planner to grow your own fresh, organic food in a 3'x6' raised bed garden! Plus, our all in one Tomato Planter for growing all organic tomatoes! With the addition of an all-organic growing medium, your tomatoes will be tastier and more nutritious than ever before.  Don't miss-out on lots of great gardeners deals -- Shop Today!!

Organic Tomato Planting All-In-One Tomato Success Kit Grows the Best — Now Organically!

Special: $79.95 -- Terra Cotta or Green

Kit includes our Self-Watering Planter, Tomato Yield Booster Mulch, one Tomato Support Cage, 40 quarts of Organic Container Mix, 1 pound of organic 5-6-5 fertilizer (contains peanut meal) and a top-fill tube with water level indicator; tomato plants not included
Organic Container Mix contains responsibly-harvested Canadian peat, limestone, perlite, beneficial mycorrhizae and sea-based compost (contains seaweed and ground shrimp shells)
Self-Watering Planter: 26" L x 19-3/4" W
Tomato Cage: 15" W x 22" D x 31" H with 7" legs (38" overall)
Rust-resistant cage clips prevent toppling


Tomato Growing Self Watering Container

Our Organic Tomato Planting Kits have helped thousands of gardeners — from beginners to experts — grow big crops of delicious tomatoes. These foolproof kits are now even better! With the addition of an all organic tomato growing medium, your tomatoes will be tastier and more nutritious than ever before. It all starts with our patented self-watering planter. Our own field tests prove that tomatoes grown in these self watering planters out-produce garden-grown plants by 30% or more, with fewer disease and pest problems.

These kits include everything you need for a bumper crop. The heart of the system is our patented self-watering planter with a 4-gallon reservoir that lets you enjoy self-watering convenience, while your plants receive a steady flow of water and nutrients all season long. A strong, rust-resistant steel support cage clips on to prevent plants from toppling. We also include 40 quarts of OMRI-certified Organic Self-Watering Container Mix; 1 lb. of our Organic Tomato Fertilizer, and a sheet of red plastic mulch to speed ripening and help boost yields. View our Upside Down Tomato Planters

Grow delicious tomatoes Gardener's Best® Tomato Grow Bag Kit

Grow delicious tomatoes in just one square foot of space! EXCLUSIVE new Gardener’s Tomato Grow Bag - Basically the same principle of the Pepper Grow Bag above. The integrated Power Tower cage is a generous 5' high, with five height-adjustable rings to provide sturdy support. Double-sewn channels in the Grow Bag anchor the cage securely in place. Grow Bag folds for storage. Reusable year after year. $24.89 to 34.95


Grow Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding. All you really need to get started is some decent soil and a few plants. But to be a really successful vegetable gardener, and to do it organically, you'll need to understand what it takes to keep your plants healthy and vigorous. [View Gardener's Supply - Grow your own vegetables on product page].

Gardener's Supply has designed and introduced dozens of innovative, exclusive gardening products including self-watering planters, a complete line of flower supports, composters, grow lights, professional growing mediums and organic fertilizers, trees, fruit trees.

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