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Our Self-Watering Window boxes let you create a smart, consistent look around your home...

Self Watering Planters and containers in stock and on Sale!


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Self Watering Planters

Let's Stay Green In 2018 with Self Watering Planters and containers, flower pots and hanging plant baskets are easy to maintain. We have window boxes full of flowers and foliage plants that give a color boost to your house and garden. Great for a small space. Choose plants carefully and you can change the plantings to suit every season.

Self Watering Containers & Pots
Rolling Planter / Tabletop Planters


A Raised Bed for Your Patio ? Self-Watering Planters!
Self-Watering Planter

Now you can enjoy all the advantages of raised bed gardening, plus the added benefit of watering weekly instead of daily. This stylish self-watering planter boasts two 4-gallon reservoirs that keep plants lush and green even in a drought. Its crisp lines and realistic wood grain look elegant on the patio, but it's tough enough to use in the garden, because it's made of crack-proof, fade-proof polypropylene.

** Gives you 9 square feet of growing area!
** 12" depth for well-developed roots
** Dual-action watering system keeps plant roots just moist enough
** Water gauge tells you when to refill
** Includes easy-fill funnel with cover and two styles of finials
** Crisp lines and realistic wood grain with rugged durability
** Choice of White, Green or Brown

** Our Self-Watering Container Mix is the perfect planting mix!

Self-Watering Rolling Planter
Rolling Planter

Self-Watering Rolling Planter - has 4 double-wheel casters that roll effortlessly over floors, carpet, and even rough flagstone. A 6-1/2 qt. water reservoir and water-level indicator help you keep your plants well irrigated.

** Water weekly, not daily!
** Large water reservoir keeps soil moist and plants healthy
** Available in White, Terra Cotta and Green to match your home decor

Self-Watering Flower Pots
Self-Watering Flower Planters & Pots
Grouped together or standing alone, these elegant self-watering pots are designed to grace a holiday table, buffet or mantelpiece. A hidden reservoir system makes watering plants effortless. Pots are unbreakable and UV-resistant. Also view self watering flower pots

** Complete care guide and tip booklet included
** Great for bonsai, orchids, ferns, bromeliads, herbs and more!
** Available in many colors

Self-Watering Window boxes
Our Self-Watering Planter Window boxes Refuse to Dry Out! - they let you create a smart, consistent look around your home, while ensuring your plants don't dry out. They have big water reservoirs that keep soil moist and plants healthy. An easy-to-read water level indicator helps you keep the reservoir full, and adjustable steel mounting brackets allow for wall or deck rail mounting.

** Choice of White, Terra Cotta, Bronze or Loden
** Enjoy long-blooming, wilt-proof flower displays!
** Available in sizes: 23"  29"  31" and 39"
** Versatile brackets (included) allow installation in minutes
** Dress up these window boxes with our new Wood Facades, sold
** All-Organic Self Watering Container Mix


Growing Pots and Kits

Pepper Growing Bag Kit Gardener's Best? Pepper Grow Bag Kit  Available in 5 colors

Grow delicious peppers in just one square foot of space! Gardeners new Pepper Grow Bag uses less planting mix, and top-to-bottom nylon handles make it easy to move. It's made from patented fabric that air-prunes roots for stronger, healthier plants. Fabric also aerates soil, prevents heat build-up plus it allows excess water to drain away. Double-sewn channels in the Grow Bag anchor the cage securely in place. Bag folds for storage. Reusable for years. $29.95

Gardener's Best? Tomato Grow Bag Kit

Grow delicious tomatoes in just one square foot of space! EXCLUSIVE new Gardener?s Tomato Grow Bag - Basically the same principle of the Pepper Grow Bag above. The integrated Power Tower cage is a generous 5' high, with five height-adjustable rings to provide sturdy support. Double-sewn channels in the Grow Bag anchor the cage securely in place. Folds nicely for storage. $34.95

Perfect Soil Mix for Self-Watering Containers
Soil Mix for
The Perfect Soil Mix for Self Watering Containers
Our field tests prove it: This lightweight mix works better than conventional potting soil. Its coarse, airy texture acts like a wick, carrying water from the planter?s reservoir to the root system. The result is more vigorous root growth, better aeration and less water-logging. It's also an ideal mix for standard pots and planters. Contains sphagnum peat, perlite, vermiculite and limestone. 20 quart bag. Also view self-water containers

 ** Promotes vigorous root growth
 ** No water logging!
 ** Amazing wicking action
 ** All-Organic Self-Watering Container Mix

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