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Quality Since 1984 - Growing Tomatoes and the Upside to Self Watering Planters

Strong modular and stackable tomato ladders can be arrange any way you like. Tomato  ladders and cages will make the most of your garden space.

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Stacking Tomato Ladders & Cages

             GO GREEN IN 2018 with Gardener Supply and help preserve our planet.
Tomato Growing Ladders

Sturdy ladders hold a large harvest — over 100 pounds
Patented cradle shape supports fruit-laden vines more effectively than stakes
V-shaped design protects each plant's main stem
Ladders nest for compact off-season storage
Stacking Tomato Ladders, Sets of 3, red or green

Green Tomato Ladders, Set of 3 - $54.95
Item # 38-184VS
Red Tomato Ladders, Set of 3 - $49.95.
Our Heavy-Duty Tomato Ladders are Now Stackable

Popular Tomato Ladders made stronger for your tomato growing. 7mm steel uprights and our exclusive "plant cradle" crosspieces that give multiple places for vines to rest. These modular and stackable tomato ladders can be arrange any way you like. Each set includes 6 - 32-1/2" tall sections. Use singly to support eggplants and peppers; stack two for bush tomatoes; stack three for tall, indeterminate tomatoes. These are the sturdiest ladders you can buy — 20% thicker than others on the market — with a long-lasting, weatherproof powder coating.

Tomato Garden Ladders will make the most of your garden space, reduce damage from pests and diseases, and give you a bigger harvest of delicious, unblemished fruit.


Tomato Stacking Cages

                   5 Styles Available
galvanized steel tomato cages
Tomato Growing Cages

Tomato Cage, Single Cage $16.95

Tomato Cage - Cage Extension for Tomato Success Kit   $11.95
Tomato Cage Extension

Adds support to the Tomato Success Kit and Organic Tomato Success Kit
Snaps on in minutes
Note: This extension fits onto the rectangular-style cage of our Tomato Success Kit (not for use with square cages)

Snap this extension onto the cage of our Tomato Success Kits to provide extra support for tall, indeterminate tomato varieties. We recommend using just one extension per cage.

What Customers Say

"Our Sweet tomatoes plant grew over 12 feet tall and it was supported by three square tomato cages.
Stacking Tomato Cage Tomato Cages  Set of 4 in 3 colors - red, green, gray  $54.95

Extra-strong tomato cages keep plants upright for a bigger, cleaner harvest

Big, 8" square openings make harvesting easy

Hinged panels fold flat for compact storage
Tomato Towers Tomato Towers Set of 2 in 3 colors - red, green, gray  $54.95

Extra-Tall Tomato Towers Support Your Tallest Tomatoes

Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel Tomato Towers are much taller and stronger, ready to support your biggest indeterminate tomato plants. The towers support plants on all sides (no tying needed) and keep plants up off the ground for better air circulation. Large openings make harvesting easy, and the towers fold flat for off-season storage. 53" high installed.


Tomato Grow Bag Kits

Tomato Grow Bag Kit Tomato Grow Bag Kit

Grow delicious tomatoes in just one square foot of space! EXCLUSIVE new Tomato Grow Bag - Basically the same principle of the Pepper Grow Bag above. The integrated Power Tower cage is a generous 5' high, with five height-adjustable rings to provide sturdy support. Double-sewn channels in the Grow Bag anchor the cage securely in place. Grow Bag folds for storage. Use year after year. $34.95

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