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Quality Since 1984 - Growing Tomatoes and the Upside to Self Watering Planters

A Easy way to Grow Tomatoes - Learn how to grow your own sweet and delicious juicy tomatoes.

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Tomato Planter

              LET'S GO GREEN IN 2018! New Tomato Accessories Added.


Tomato Planter Supplies - growing tomatoes self watering container

Tomato Trolley Cart
Tomato Trolley Containers
Tomato Trolley

Set your Tomato Success Kit on top of this Tomato Trolley, and you can tend your plants without bending over or straining your back. Raises bed out of reach of animal pests, including dogs. Comes with locking casters; disassembles easily for off-season storage. $54.95    Tomato Planting

++ Self-Watering Container Mix for planting!
++ Growing Tomatoes Self watering containers

Tomato Planter

Set of 3
Tomato Planter - Set of 3 [Colors Red or Green]
Helps you grow your best tomatoes
Targets watering, controls weeds and prevents cutworm attack
Encourages deeper, healthier root systems
Sturdy construction for years of uses

Halos increase soil depth along the stem so plants develop extra-strong root systems. They also provide targeted root-zone watering, eliminate weed competition and protect seedlings from cutworm attack. Built-in channels fit Stackable Tomato Ladders, sold separately.  $24.95 
  Growing Tomatoes

Tomato Growing Kit

Containers for healthier plants
Tomato Container Kit -  The Perfect Success Kit - [Choose from 4 Colors] You can add rollers at addition charge.
 Includes planter, cage support, soil mix and fertilizer

Self-watering to provide a steady supply of moisture for optimal tomato production

Exclusive Tomato Success Kits have helped thousands of gardeners grow big crops of healthier, tastier tomatoes. The self-watering planter has a generous, 4-gallon container reservoir that provides a steady flow of moisture to plants.

Kit includes a two-part stacking tomato cage and 40 quarts of our exclusive Self-Watering Container Mix. It also includes 1-1/2 lbs. of Gardener's Best Organic Fertilizer. $79.95  

  Vegetable growing made easy


Tomato Covers

Tepees Set of 3
Red Tomato Covers -  Set of 3
Teepees protect young plants from chilly temperatures so you can set plants out earlier in spring.

Ideal for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other frost-tender crops.
Reusable teepees year after year

With these protective covers, you can plant tomatoes outdoors up to 6 weeks earlier, and be harvesting by early July! The water-filled teepees regulate temperature, soaking up heat during the day and releasing it at night. $15.95  

  growing tomatoes

Tomato Planter Self-Watering
Tomato Planter Self-Watering Raised Container Beds
Terrazza Raised Bed - Available in White, Green or Brown

Have all the advantages of a raised gardening bed watering weekly instead of daily. Container Planter has 2 4-gallon reservoirs keeping tomato plants and other vegetables green even in a drought. Realistic wood grain look is ideal for a patio, deck or balcony, sturdy enough to use in the garden, made of crack-proof, fade-proof polypropylene.

 9 square feet of growing area!
 12" depth for well-developed roots
 Watering system keeps plant roots moist
 Water gauge tells you when to refill
 Includes easy-fill funnel with cover and two styles of finials

  Tomato Ladders
Tomato Ladders
Stacking Tomato Cages
Stacking Tomato Cages

Tomato Growing Kits

Growing Tomato Kit  Tomato Growing Bag Kit - Planters Growing Supplies

Grow delicious tomatoes in just one square foot of space! EXCLUSIVE new Gardener's Best® Tomato Grow Bag - uses less planting mix, and top-to-bottom nylon handles make it easy to move. Made from patented fabric that aerates the roots for stronger, healthier plants and aerates the soil which allows excess water to drain away. The integrated Power Tower cage is a generous 5' high, with five height-adjustable rings to provide strong support. Double-sewn channels in the Grow Bag anchor the cage securely in place. Folds up for easy storage, so it's reusable every tomato growing season. $34.95  grow bag kit   Available in 5 colors


Tomato Grow Bags

Tomato Plants Right on the Back Porch using Grow Bags

Growing tomatoes has never been easier:

Grow Bags for tomatoes take up little space and at the same time take-up little room when storing.
Netherlands where space is limited for growing vegetables and greens, used plastic bags on their doorways, small gardens and landings. Today, we offer a new way for growing tomatoes in a limited area. Tomato Grow Bags a double-layered polypropylene bag and not plastic. They let the the soil breather better for a stronger and healthier root system. The Grow Bag can be used for tomatoes, potatoes or growing your favorite hot peppers.

Pre-Planned Indoor Garden KITCHEN GARDEN PLANNER

Grow your own fresh, organic food in a raised bed garden. Our planting maps make it easy to have fun and be Successful!!

--- Salad Bar Garden, Herbs, Salsa & Tomato Sauce Garden

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