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Quality Since 1984 - Growing Tomatoes and the Upside to Self Watering Planters

The Easiest Way to Grow Tomatoes with our Upside Down Tomato Planter - growing delicious tomatoes without backbreaking work!

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Upside Down Tomato Planter

            GO GREEN IN 2018 with Gardener Supply and help preserve our planet.

A Revolutionary Planter for Tomatoes

The Gardener's Revolution Planter® is a fun and easy way to grow tomatoes. It's designed for healthy plant growth and easy maintenance, so you can get a blemish-free harvest anywhere in full sun — even on your deck or by the front door. The planter is sturdy and reusable, with a two-part, powder-coated steel cage and a woven poly liner that lets roots "breathe." The liner opens up for planting, then zips shut, so you won't injure the plant trying to push it through a hole. The planter hangs from our unique swivel hook that makes it a breeze to turn your plant. And now we've improved the top-down water delivery system to make it easier than ever to keep the plant properly watered. Even if you have a regular garden, you'll find that this revolutionary growing system is a fun way to get a picture-perfect harvest of delicious, homegrown tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes upside down eliminates the need for weeding, staking or tying your plants and it's ideal for gardeners with limited space or limited mobility. Our Gardener’s Revolution™ Planter has a 1-gallon water reservoir on top, to make sure your plants get the moisture they need. The sturdy, enameled steel cage has a soft, woven-poly liner with a big 17-quart soil capacity. Upside Down Tomato Planter!


Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Sturdy polyethylene-coated steel cage with soft synthetic fabric liner

Moisture-level indicator and capillary matting
Planter is 8" diameter x 16" H

Holds 17 quarts of container mix
1-gallon water reservoir

Swivel chain and hook


Was $14.95 Now $5.99

When you’re ready to use your new Upside down tomato planter, simply fill the liner with our Organic Self-Watering Container Mix, add our All-Organic Tomato Fertilizer (both sold separately) and insert a tomato seedling through the bottom opening. Hang the planter in a convenient, sunny spot and before you know it, you’ll be harvesting your own sweet, juicy organic tomatoes. Even if you have been growing tomatoes in the past, we think you’ll find this revolutionary growing system a fun way to get delicious, homegrown tomatoes!

Upside down tomato planter New swivel hook makes it easier to adjust your tomato planter
Tomato Growing Planter New moisture level indicator helps you know when to water
growing tomatoes Homegrown tomatoes fresh from your garden when you want them
tomato planters Never any weeding to do, no pests, no cages and now you have your own all-organic tomatoes!
organic tomato planter Upside down planter is also good for growing peppers, cucumbers and eggplants

Tomato Grow Bags Growing Tomatoes Grow Bag Kit

Grow delicious tomatoes in just one square foot of space! EXCLUSIVE new Gardener’s Tomato Grow Bag - Basically the same principle of the Pepper Grow Bag above. The integrated Power Tower cage is a generous 5' high, with five height-adjustable rings to provide sturdy support. Double-sewn channels in the Grow Bag anchor the cage securely in place. Grow Bag folds for storage. Reusable year after year. $34.95.  Gardener's Best®

Discover How Vegetables Thrive in Containers

Ed Smith - Author and Gardener.

Shiny green cucumbers, sweet, juicy tomatoes, tender lettuce and flavorful herbs. These are just a few of the tasty benefits of a backyard vegetable garden. More and more people are recognizing the benefits of fresh, home-grown organic produce, but at the same time, many of us are running short on space, time and the know-how to tend a successful vegetable garden.

Ed Smith, author of The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, has been growing organic vegetables in his backyard for more than 40 years. Several years ago, after growing some tomatoes in one of our Self-Watering Planters, he began to think about the possibilities of growing other kinds of vegetables in self-watering containers. These musings evolved into a full-blown backyard research project, which involved planting more than 200 different self-watering containers over a three-year period.

How the Self-Watering Planter works
The water absorbed through a plant's roots travels up to be "exhaled" through the leaves. Nutrients are carried up this "water elevator" as well. By providing consistent moisture, Self-Watering Planters also provide continuous nourishment, making plants healthier and more productive.

Ed is a longtime friend and neighbor of Gardener's Supply, and it wasn't hard to convince us to donate dozens of self-watering containers to his project. Over time, he experimented with vegetables of all kinds, nutrient mixes, soil blends, plant varieties and container locations.

No one was more surprised than Ed by his results. He found that all the vegetables he planted grew better in self-watering containers than in traditional containers. But more surprisingly, plants in test after test, many of the vegetables grown in self-watering containers actually out-performed and out-yielded those that he grew in his traditional backyard garden. View Self-Watering Planters

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