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Western wear for the whole family. We offer western wear from:

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Cowboy Boots & Western Wear


Boots are a specific type of footwear that continues up the leg to add protection, support, and style. They have been used through out history by military and civilians, men, women, and children. Originally crafted out of natural hides, today’s boots are available in genuine cowhide leather, authentic exotic skins , rubber, sheepskin, and a number of other materials. Boots are designed for a number of purposes including riding, ranch work, construction work , insulation, and fashion.

Leather Boots: These boots were originally designed with treadless soles for easy dismounting and tall shafts in place of laces, allowing a riders foot to easily slide out without being dragged, should he fall from his horse.
Exotic Skin Cowboy Boots
Cowboys’ demand for a more decorative look and a higher end boot lead manufacturers to implement the use of more exotic skins in their boot lines. These high-end boots still retain the classic look but with a refined touch. Many different skins such as genuine ostrich, alligator, goat, lizard, snake, buffalo, and kangaroo are combined with traditional leather for a unique look.

Cowboy Hats: Select from over 100 styles - Fur Cowboy Hats - Wool Felt Cowboy Hats - Soft Wool Felt Cowboy Hats Straw Cowboy Hats - Leather Cowboy Hats - Bridal Cowboy Hats

Cowgirl Boots: These boots are made for MORE than just walking! Cowgirls play just as rough as the men and need a boot that will give them the same level of support with a little more flair. Used for various tasks such as working, riding, and dancing, Cowgirl Boots are primarily a riding boot commonly associated with the western lifestyle. Cowgirl boots come in many styles, and offer various toe and heel options. Some toes that are more commonly found include the round toe, J-toe, snip toes, and square toes. Common heels include the cowboy or western heel, dancer heel, and roper heel. Traditional crafted out of leather, today these boots are fabricated out of a number of different hides and exotic skins.


Since 1973, Hatcountry has led the way, offering latest styles in cowboy hats and urban headwear, cowboy boots, western apparel, accessories, and more. Who knows better about changing times than a wizened cowboy? Hatcountry, too, knows a thing or two about changing times, and has gone through several transitions over the years to keep up with demand. Also, we provide FAST shipping with a majority of our orders shipping the same or next day!

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