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Whole Home Water Filtration

Your Home Benefits for a Simple Solution!

Long-lasting, high-performance whole home water filtration systems for great-tasting, healthy water throughout your entire house. Full System NSF certified to remove 97% of chlorine.

Everyday Drinking Water Filter
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CLEAN WATER MACHINE & PITCHER Water Pitcher Filter Machine
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2 Stage Under the Counter Water Filter
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Message Shower Head White or Chrome Wand
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Whole Home Filtration Treatment
Long-lasting, high-performance water filtration for great-tasting, healthy water throughout your entire home.
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High Efficiency Whole House Water Filters

Do you know if your water is being treated with chlorine or chloramines? Are you using your own private well water?

Everyone should be concerned these days with contaminant reduction. We all want great tasting, healthy water throughout the home. When you buy one of the Aquasana Whole House Water Filtration systems, you can be assured that all your water is clean. From the shower to the washer to the kitchen sink, we want you to feel confident that your water has been thoroughly filtered.

We offer three different whole home water filtration systems specifically tailored to the type of water in your home, whether it’s municipal water treated with chlorine, treated with chloramines or whole house water filtration for well water -  untreated well water.

NOTE: Find out how your water is treated and which contaminants are likely to affect you. The EPA requires water suppliers to distribute a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) or annual Drinking Water Quality Report. You should receive this report by July 1st each year. Some cities even publish their water quality report in their semi-annual magazines. Within the report, you’ll see just how your water is treated.


Optimal Drinking Water Treatment

  Drinking Water Under Counter(Reverse Osmosis) Filter System   DRINKING WATER FILTER

Reverse Osmosis plus Claryum® Filtration Technology for optimum health and hydration: the only proven water filtration method to effectively remove fluoride.

Aquasana OptimH2O delivers the best drinking water available for optimal hydration.

OptimH2O is the first reverse osmosis system of its kind to pair powerful reverse osmosis filtration with Claryum selective filtration PLUS remineralization.

Remove the most contaminants from your water while maintaining the benefits of healthy minerals other reverse osmosis systems simply remove. Watch Video (4 min.)

When reviewing different types of house water treatment systems, it is always helpful to know that Aquqsana is not only concentrating on creating the best quality water filter, but also making it easy to install most of the systems. Any plumber or a handy individual can install the Aquasana. You will find several videos on the website in help and walking through installation. If needed, call the toll free number.


Benefits of Using Whole House Water Filters

When you use complete home water filtration, which combines water softening technology and water filtration capabilities into one system, it purifies the drinking water by removing dangerous contaminants as giardia and cryptosporidium which are 2 of the more nasty organic contaminants of drinking water, Atrazine, a chemical resulting from the run-off of pesticides, chlorine, and fluoride. Each one of these contaminants has been proven over the years to cause major health problems associated with our everyday drinking water in the home. By removing these contaminants, whole house water filter systems are providing us with healthier and better tasting water for drinking and cooking and even in the shower. Yes, better looking and softer skin and hair.

And with these new complete water filtration systems, clean and filtered water emerges from every water source throughout the house. Chlorine and other harsh chemicals are removed as soon as they enter a home's plumbing system and are no longer released into the air. You are not only improving your water quality, but also improving your life.

Salt-Free Water Softeners

Eco-friendly home filtration system for prevention of the entire house without the use of harsh chemicals or salt.

Natural soft water without using salts
Reduces hard water scale, prolongs life of appliances and pipes, reduces water spots and easier cleaning. Softer skin & smoother hair.

Whole House Water Filtration

Offering the Best whole house water filtration for chlorine, sediment and odor removal, improved water taste, reduced allergies & dry sensitive skin. Enjoy chlorine-free water at every faucet!

De-chlorinate drinking water & protect against giardia & other cysts Clothing & Detergent: Delicious Drinking Water: Healthy, filtered water on demand Cooking:
Chemical-free water for produce, steamed veggies, pasta, soups & more Coffee, Tea:
Improve taste & flavor quality Improved Air Quality:
Throughout the house Shower & Bath:
Healthier skin & hair Healthier, Happier Pets:

See how you can improve your water throughout the house Today!

Remove over 95% of fluoride without demineralizing your water for optimally healthy, clean water. Reverse Osmosis is the only proven water filtration method on the market to effectively remove fluoride from regular tap water. With one of the above mentioned whole home filter systems, you can be assured of having the most purified water at a very reasonable and cost-effective price.

Water is essential for life. Our bodies are more than 70% water and designed to run primarily on water and minerals. The water we drink, shower in and cook with can have a significant impact on our overall health.

Aquasana Drinking Water Filters use best-in-class filtering technology to provide maximum reduction in water contaminants while leaving beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium in the water. The result is healthy, great-tasting water that provides optimum hydration for the human body.

Our drinking water filters are NSF Certified to reduce 77 common water contaminants including over 96% of chlorine and chloramines as well as over 99% of lead, asbestos, turbidity and VOCs.

Aquasana is committed to staying at the forefront of water filtration engineering and innovation. As a result, our customers benefit from a variety of high performance products that are affordable and safe for the environment.

Aquasana products are created with the environment in mind. All our water filter components are engineered for minimal waste including our reusable outer filter casings and filter cartridges made of recyclable parts and compostable materials. In addition, filtered drinking water and Aquasana reusable glass water bottles are a smart choice to reduce plastic bottle waste in landfills.

Aquasana’s executive and marketing team operates out of Austin, Texas and our sales and operations facility is located in Haltom City Texas.

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